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epoxy coating, flooring, coating, resin, epoxy

Protect and cover definitely and low priced walls, pools, floors....!

coatings, flooring, coating, resin, epoxy, pool coating SuperCoat:
Plastic coating for walls 

Make your walls "really" impervious and cleanable. SuperCoat is "the" solution where hygiene is necessary. Also to coat walls with a rough surface.

Super coat is also Anti-Graffiti, high gloss and VERY aesthetic.

epoxy floor resin based garage Liquid Plastic:
Plastic Coating
for Floors
This Liquid Plastic makes old and ugly floors fully cleanable! Moreover, it forms a very resistant layer on your existing floor. A solution for years! 

Best price-quality on the market !

Pool Coat
Coating for swimming pools

Is a liquid plastic coating which forms a very strong layer in your Swimming Pool or Aqua Park. It protects it and makes it very hygienic for years to come!

Best price-quality of the market !

STIB Parking Resin Coat
Concrete coating for the Industry

Is a 2-component epoxy water based epxoy coating for all kind of floors and substrates.

Forms a very stond coat an is  chemically resistant. Resin Coat: a "very" solution for all kind of industrial applications.

School Orange Peal :
transparent varnish

Is an Anti-skid Varnish which can be applied op all kind of hard surfaces: resin based floors, tiles...

The coating forms a transparent  orange-peal-effect on the substrate.

On average, our prices are 20-40% lower than elsewhere!
coatings, flooring, coating, resin, epoxy, pool coating

coatings, flooring, coating, resin, epoxy, pool coating

coatings, flooring, coating, resin, epoxy

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