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Years of study and development have resulted in a large range of products which solves 99% of all industrial protection-problems ! High-Tech, sterile, anti-static, vertical, very heavy duty floors, aggressive chemical environments, ALL SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE ! But also your home floors can be treated for years to go !

vloeren, resin, epoxy, RESIN, Resin, GRINDVLOEREN Restech 5 SL
Universal epoxy self-leveling

al "Top-Quality" epoxy self-leveling floor 5 mm thick with a smooth finish. For warehouses, industrial halls, garage, all kind of industries..

Also available in 2 and 3 mm.

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epoxy floor resin based garage

Anti-Static flooring

A floor with the qualities of an epoxy floor but it is ALSO static conductive!

Applicable in pharma, computer- industry and everywhere where  explosion is a potential danger!

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ResTech Floors
Flooring for the Industry

Heavy Duty flooring! Floors resisting very heavy loads. Army tanks can not break them.

Very applicable in heavy duty environment and also in meat industry, dairy, loading docks, for the army etc..

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STIB Parking
ResTech Floors

Chemical Industry Flooring

Infiltration, chemical attack, deterioration of concrete. Daily problems in chemical industry.

ResTech floors bring a final solution to these problems!

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vloeren flooring resin epoxy

Vertical Coverings

In a lot of circumstances, vertical protection is needed : plinths, tanks, basins, walls. We have resin based vertical covering until 5 mm thick!

Ask our solutions !

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Lots of Other Solutions!

We have developed much more products and solutions for all kind of home and industrial protection and covering problems!


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On Average, our prices are 20-40% lower than elsewhere !


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