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flooring, paint, coating, resin, epoxy, epoxyverven

For your Home floors and Walls

  • Paint, coatings en flooring for your home, garage, warehouse.... 
  • Durable, beautiful and resistant solutions!
  • Ware resistant, chemically resistant, easy to be applied and low priced!
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For your Company and Buildings
  • Industrial paints and coatings for walls, flooring, tanks....
  • Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylate coverings for floors and walls.
  • Ware resistant, chemically resistant, durable, fast and low priced !
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paint flooring coating resin epoxy Wonderful Quartz Carpets !
  • As a floor for the 21e century Quartz Carpet adds an avant-garde look to your rooms.
  • Snug, foot-warm, beautiful, all qualities gathered 1 floor !
  • Does not ware as normal carpet and is kept clean without any problems. Stains impossible ! Moreover, it is LOW PRICED too !
  • Applicable to almost any substrate!

Our Company

Resin is specialised in the development, manufacture and application of resin based coatings, flooring and coverings.

All our products have been applied for years in industry and have been used for residential solutions. We are always available to offer your specific solutions to specific problems concerning the protection of concrete, steel and other materials.

Our applications in Belgium and abroad proof daily the quality of the materials we develop, produce and apply.

We do not sell you a product but a "solution". We also guarantee the good results of the solutions we propose !

The Resin-Team

Contact Information

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General Information: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]
Customer Support: [email protected]
Webmaster: [email protected]

flooring, paint, coating, resin, epoxy, epoxyverven

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