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Plastic Coating for Floor Protection

Plastify and Protect Floors : Easy!

Liquid Plastic is a liquid plastic coating which is simply applied with a brush or roller onto your existing floors. Your floor not only gets a beautiful, glossy, uniform aspect but also becomes much more ware resistant and resistant to oils, fats, acids and other chemical substances !

The substrate treated with the product becomes also much easier to maintain ! Spillage of products on the finished floor is not a problem anymore as such spillage can easily be removed and will not penetrate in the substrate.

Garage, Attic, Workshop, Offices, 
Parking lots.....

Liquid Plastic can be applied on a variety of substrates : Cement, concrete, wood, metal, brickwork etc… Therefore the coating offers a solution for, for example :

  • Renewals of floors of garages, attics, cellars...

  • Protection of floors in warehouses and workshops.

  • Renewal of floors of parking lots, car parks..

  • Protection of floors in wet and chemical environment.

  • Reinforcement of warehouse floors.

For all these applications, Liquid Plastic has proven to be the right solution for years. You are simply ensured of years of usage with your coating !

Low Cost, Fast, Definitive

You will be surprised how cheap this solution is ! The application of the coating is fast and definitive :

  • Clean your substrate and take away oil stains.

  • Put the coating in a bucket and stir it for 2 minutes.

  • Apply 2 coats leaving an interval of minimally 6 hours and maximally 24 hours. Your floor is NEW!

Liquid Plastic is available in 5 colors : Beige, Grey, Green, Red en Black. Other colors on demand.

Ask our technical data sheets and prices or ask further information!


Garage Jaguar
Jaguar Dealer
Make a class environment of your garage with a low-cost budget



STIB Brussel -- Parking

Parking lots, Garages..
Fast, efficient, low-priced floor protection.







Makro - Magazijn vloer

Warehouse, shop..
Clean, easy to maintain!

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