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Rock Carpet
Quartz Carpet : Warm, Seamless, Avant-Garde

Quartz Carpet :
Floor of the 21st Century!

Rock Carpet
is a carpet floor composed of thousands of small quartz stones which is applied seamlessly onto your existing substrate.

The result is outstanding : incredibly beautiful, modern and even avant-garde, very ware resistant, easy to clean and very durable. Those are the outstanding qualities of this floor.

"Rock Carpet"
Snugly Beautiful...

Because of the combination of natural stone, resins and its porous structure Rock Carpet always feels warm and is very pleasant to walk on.

Rock Carpet adapts to every environment and provides each time that clean, modern and snugly aspect. In your bedroom, bathroom, living room, salon or kitchen, Rock Carpet provides everywhere that special touch which can not be reached with any other floor type.

"Rock Carpet"
Color, Maintenance & price

Rock Carpet is very easy to be cleaned and maintained. The open pores collect dust which is easily vacuumed away. Little accidents with liquids like coffee etc.. can not cause permanent damage to the floor because it is made out of chemical resistant resins. A thorough cleaning can be done once every 2 years with a water-vacuum. You will have a floor which will never have to be replaced anymore !

Rock Carpet can be supplied in all kind of tints and color combinations : very contrasting tints as well as pastel tints. Shapes and designs can be made in this floor providing architectural possibilities with this floor.

Rock Carpet is mostly applied by professionals. It is therefore mostly them who make a final price following your specific wishes and specific conditions of execution. The price of Rock Carpet varies mostly between 1.100 BEF (27,27€) and 1.800 BEF (44,62 €)

Ask our technical data sheets and prices or ask more information !


Avant-Garde Salon
Rock Carpet as an hyper-modern floor !



siergrindvloer bureel vloer
Modern Office
Also your office, the reception suite, the board room can be hyper-modern with Rock Carpet!




vloeren terras
Also Outside !
Balconies, Terraces etc.... get a modern look with Rock Carpet.

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