The "TOP QUALITY" of coatings

Plastifying and Protecting Walls and Floors: Super Quality !

SuperCoat is a high-tech coating forming a impervious layer which is fully cleanable, even steam cleanable. This coating is therefore ideal in an environment where the highest hygienic requirements are demanded !

SuperCoat is also "super" beautiful ! Once applied, the coating forms a very ware resistant plastic coating which is also resistant to oils, fats and most chemicals. Moreover, its beautiful gloss ensures a fantastic aesthetic finish.

Universal, Qualitative Applications...

SuperCoat can be applied on a variety of substrates : Cement, concrete, wood, steel, brickwork etc… Some examples of usage :

  • Treatment of walls in hygienic environments : toilets, washing rooms, showers..

  • Making completely cleanable of walls in food shops, food factories, workshops, garages etc...

  • Painting of brickwork as a finish in domestic or school building.

  • Painting of metal constructions and tanks outside.

  • Painting of line markings on roads and inside factories.

You will be surprised of the quality and durability of SuperCoat with these applications. We guarantee years of usage.

Not expensive, Fast, Definitive

Quality does not always have to be expensive ! The application is fast and definitive :

  • Clean your substrate and take away oil stains.

  • Mix both components for 5 minutes.

  • Paint 2 coats with an interval of minimum 6 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.

SuperCoat is available in a lot of RAL-colors.

Ask our technical data sheets and prices or ask more information !


Janssens Laboratoires
Pharma Laboratories
SuperCoat on walls: sterility ensured !




Food Industry
SuperCoat on walls, "fully" cleanable and hygiene ensured !




Clean Industry
Where dust must be avoided...




Vloer Boeing
High-Tech Industry...
Clean, nice, easy maintenance!

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