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ResTech 10 - Epoxy Floor 10 mm Structured
Heavy Duty !
Product Description
ResTech 10 is a surface-structured (orange-peal surface), throughout coloured epoxy based half-self-levelling flooring material.
The material is mixed on site and applied in a thickness of 10 mm on a stable and prepared substrate like concrete. It can also be applied on a well supported steel or wooden substrate.
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Because of its very high mechanical and chemical resistance is ResTech 10 excellently adopted to be used as a floor finish in :

ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Dairies, breweries and food industry in general.
ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Industrial halls with heavy duty divisions.
ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Loading docks, environments with heavy transportation.
ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Floors submitted to high mechanical loads
ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Tank parks, chemical installations, .....

Advantages Application

Easy Maintenance: ResTech 10 has an orange-peal finish, is damp-proof and chemically resistant. It is therefore an ideal solutions for a heavy duty industrial environment. The floor requires very few maintenance.

Strong : The high level of filling of ResTech 10 and its thickness makes this floor to one of the strongest in industry.

Aesthetic : Colored throughout and available in 150 RAL-tints.

Speed : Because of its half-self-leveling nature, ResTech 10 can be applied at a rate of 400 m2 per 2 consecutive working days (preparation of substrate included).

The application of an epoxy floor is done in 3 stages :
  • Preparation of the substrate
  • Application of the primer coat
  • Application of the final floor

Application must be done at a substrate temperature of minimum 12C and a humidity content in the substrate lower than 3%.

Composition Packing
The product is composed of the following :
  • Component A : Pure epoxy resin.
  • Component B : Cyclo-aliphatic diamine.
  • Fillers : Pre-formulated quartz sands.
  • Pigments and additives.
  1. Supplied and applied.
  2. In kit for ca. 3 m2.
  3. In bulk packaging.

All products can be stored for at least 1 year if kept in a dry environment at a constant temperature above 15C.

Color : 150 RAL-F3 kleuren
Finish : Orange-peal structure.
Thickness : 8 to 10 mm - 15 mm is possible.
S.G. : 2,09 Kg/dm3 - ca. 20 Kg/m2 per 10 mm.
Drying : Mechanical load after 36 hours at 20C.
Chemical resistance after 7 days at 20 C.
Bending Strength : 34,50 N/mm2 (352 Kgf/cm2).
Compression Strength : 72,40 N/mm2 (738 Kgf/cm2).
Tensile Strength : 14,60 N/mm2 (149 Kgf/cm2).
Tensile Strength : 0,67 mm na 1000 m (Amsler).
Adhesion : Exceeds cohesion of concrete.
Chemical Resistance : See list of Chemical Resistance for ResTech Prod.

ResTech 10T : 10 mm - Epoxy-coaltar structured.
ResTech 5AS :
5 mm - anti-slip by surface structure

Remark :
All information herein has been described following our best ability and knowledge at this moment. All herein mentioned products should be used following the local laws and regulations concerning the use of this kind of products and their application. For all further information you can always contact our technical services.

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