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ResTech OP - Orange Peal Coating
Product Description
ResTech OP is a 2 component epoxy coating to be used as a protective coating and anti-slip varnish for existing epoxy flooring. ResTech OP can also be applied on tiles and other hard floors. This high quality coating has an orange peal finish. The coating is UV-resistant, flexible and not sensitive to water.
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epoxy coating

ResTech OP is transparent and can be applied on all kind of substrates like tiles, epoxy floors etc...

Making anti-skid of floors and tiles is the most common use of this coating.

The coating has specifically been developed though to renovate and finish epoxy self-leveling and mortar flooring.

Advantages Application
Easy : After mixing the component of ResTech OP it can be applied as a normal coating. The open time of the coating is long and is applied by means of a lacquer roller.

Chemically resistant : After hardening and polymerisation, ResTech OP forms a closed film and is resistant to most chemical products.

Hygienic: The coating is a high quality coating free of any solvent. It can therefore be applied without any odour problems.

Aesthetic: ResTech OP Orange Peal has a lightly structured finish. It is UV-resistant and stays slightly flexible.

Application is done at a substrate temperature of minimum 12C and a humidity content in the substrate of max. 3%.

The coating is applied by means of a normal roller on a clean substrate. Working with a lacquer roller will enhance the orange peal effect.

Normally, the application of 1 coat is sufficient. On rougher surfaces the application of a scrape coat with the same material is advisable. This scrape coat can then directly be finished by using a roller.

The coating dries in 12 hours. One should wait 48 hours to put loads on the coating.

Composition Packing
This coating is composed of the following elements:

ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Component A : modified epoxy resin
ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Component B : modified aliphatic diamine

It should be mixed as A/B = 2/1

ball[2].gif (123 bytes) Delivered and applied
ball[2].gif (123 bytes) In packs of 6 Kg.

Depending on the state of the substrate one used normally 12 m2/Kg of this coating.

All products can be stored for at least 1 year if kept in a dry environment at a constant temperature above 15C.

Colour : Transparent
Finish : Structure of substrate. Gloss and orange peal effect.
Thickness : Normally 80 - 150 micron depending on the kind of substrate
S.G. : 1 Kg/dm3
Drying : Touch-dry after 12 hours at 20C.
Mechanical load after 36 hours at 20C.
Chemical resistance after 7 days at 20 C.
Pot life : After mixing ca. 45 minutes.
Adhesion : Very good adhesion on a variety of substrates.
Chemical resistance : Resists most chemical products and is UV-resistant
See list of Chemical Resistance for ResTech Prod.

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Remark :
All information herein has been described following our best ability and knowledge at this moment. All herein mentioned products should be used following the local laws and regulations concerning the use of this kind of products and their application. For all further information you can always contact our technical services.

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